4Altitude Sky Lounge

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California is definitely one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. Apart from being the place where Hollywood and Silicon Valley is, the US state also offers excellent location like rooftops in the city of San Diego. Here are the top bars with a view you will find in the city. On the top of the Marriott San Diego, Gaslamp Quarter is located this gorgeous and luxurious rooftop bar. It is safe to say altitude is the most popular bar in the entire city because of how popular it is with the locals and tourists alike. Interior decoration for the bar is a masterpiece, offering glass designs and intricate lighting works. You can sit down on the lounge or use the bar stools while you chat, drink, and have some fun with your friends. From this spot, you can get a great view of San Diego’s baseball stadium, and the fireplace in the middle of the spacious ground is something you couldn’t miss. Altitude offers all kinds of a small selection of appetizers, flatbreads and sandwiches/burgers, etc. along with quality drinks. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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