4Sky Bar Samara

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Russia is a very lively and fun country, especially when you’ve explored the major cities. However, it’s normal to feel tired of city crowd and chaos, so you need a quiet place to stay like Samara. The city of Samara has a less chaotic lifestyle, especially their rooftop bars, where you can enjoy drinks and food to your satisfaction. Here are the best rooftop bars for you to have a good time in this city with many waterfronts. We can say categorically this is one of the best Rooftop-restaurant with stunning views of the city of Samara. Sitting arrangement and done is such a way that, no matter how you’re a sitting, you’ll still be able to view the beauty and enormous power of the city. People come here not just for the view but also for the menu. They offer a great menu that includes European and Pan-Asian cuisine, with a special interest for those who want to enjoy a powerful lunch while having a break from their shopping. There bar menu is outstanding with drinks like Moet and Chandon, Prosecco Canti, and so much more. They also organize well-attended dance parties, DJ sets, and other fun events and activities. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!