What is Andorra Famous/Known For?


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Andorra is a very small country located between France and Spain. It is a ski haven and its tax pattern encourages free shopping for its citizens. The capital city of Andorra, Andorra la Vella has beautiful boutiques and some lovely shopping centers. It is also so small you can probably explore and see all of it within a day. The national language of Andorra is Catalan and Andorra is famous for being one of the happiest countries in the world. These are ten things about Andorra that you should know. If you’re planning to visit Andorra soon, these facts will surely make you appreciate it more. Firstly we have the fact that the citizens of Andorra live longer. They rank 5 among top countries with the highest life expectancy rate in the world. This has been attributed to their altitude, clean air, and exquisite cuisine. Andorra is a country that is generally surrounded by nature and is considered one of the cleanest in Europe. Just a look at it will convince you and it’s the sort of place you’d love to go to relax or retire. Click the next ARROW¬†to see the next photo!

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