1. Baltic Flea Market

Liverpool is known as the hometown of the Beatles, and it is generally a maritime centre in the northwest of England. It is a vibrant and alluring city with many activities to offer to locals and visitors. Liverpool has a long artistic history, so wherever you can look there is conceptual and creative. The best way to discover this beautiful city is by visiting some of the most dynamic flea markets in the area. Liverpool has a variety of traditional flea markets, and one of the best is the Baltic flea market. This market is the first independent market in Liverpool, and it is located in the iconic building of Cairns Brewery. The location is perfect, and the products are in a great majority local produced, so if you wish to find fresh food, this is definitely a place to go. 

When | Monday to Sunday 17:00 – 11:00

2. Great Homer Flea Market

Great Homer flea market is a traditional street market, that locals used to call it Greatie. It is like a tradition in Liverpool to visit this market once a week, as the variety of stalls is stunning. There are plenty of products such as clothes, shoes and garden furniture. The prices are good and totally worth it. Also, there are many stalls with delicious street food. 

When | Saturday 09:00- 16:00

3. Lark Lane Farmer’s Flea Market

Lark Lake flea market is the most known farmer’s market in Liverpool having a huge variety of products on display. Locals, in addition, visit this market in order to purchase fresh local products at good prices. What you can find there include fresh vegetables and fruits, cheese, jams, and other items produced there. The ideal place if you are searching for quality food!

When | Last Saturday of each month

4. The Makers Flea Market

The Makers flea market is an excellent place to discover the arts and culture of Liverpool. It is held on Hope street an educational and creative area of the city and has a lot to offer to those who are interested in arts. Many exhibitors show their artworks, and there are plenty of vintage pieces to find. You can expect everything from this market. 

When | Sunday 10:00 – 17:00

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