Leipzig doesn’t disappoint when it comes to fun and relaxation. However, after exploring the ends of the city, you still want to enjoy yourself and feel great. This is when you visit one of the rooftop bars in the city. They do have quite a lot, but here are the best ones so far.

Falco Bar and Lounge

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At the top of The Westin Leipzig hotel lies this quiet, cool, and comfortable rooftop bar that promises plenty of excitements. Falco Bar is the perfect destination for people who want to enjoy their fun evening. If you love, drinking good wine, eating delicious German meals, and enjoying the view of the city, this is for you. What makes this place different from other places on this list is their collection of over 80 whiskeys and premium spirits that have been selected from many countries around the world. You’ll also enjoy a masterpiece of culinary concept delivered by a reputable and reliable chef.

INNSIDE by Meliá Leipzig

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This Spanish hotel is owned by a big company with over 370 properties around the world. In 2016, they opened a rooftop bar with the aim of providing guests with a whole new experience in the art of food and drinks offering. There are so many reasons why you’re supposed to be here, including a 360-degree panoramic view from the first and largest roof terrace bar located in the center of the city. While food is available at request, guests staying in the hotel are allowed to make their own preparations. They offer summer and classic drinks, and a crossover of international and Mediterranean cuisine for visitors to enjoy. INNSIDE also hosts events like ball dinner, breakfast party, all in a modern and beautifully designed atmosphere that promotes the culture of friendliness and warmth.

Astral ‘Inn Rooftop Bar

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Astral’ Inn is another place located in the center of the city of Leipzig you don’t want to miss. The restaurant offers so many benefits for visitors, especially those who are interested in experiencing unique cuisine and other types of foods prepared by classic chefs and well-trained staff. Visitors love the tasty 3-course menu and Prosecco. They also have a coffee bar, mini bar, and many other amenities that are provided to help customers enjoy their stay, whether they’re lodging inside the hotel or not.

Panorama Tower

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The Panorama Tower is one of the tallest and most popular destinations in the whole of Leipzig. Apart from being a fun place to stay and enjoy yourself, you’ll also have access to their rooftop bar, offering the very best of panoramic view you can’t enjoy anywhere else in the city. Panorama Tower offers gated tours for people who want to experience the city of Leipzig from a great height. At the top, you’re going to have access to a café, where you can get beer, coffee, and plenty of ice cream. It’s a nice option for visitors coming to the city for the first time and want to see the entire place at once. There is also plenty of food for you to enjoy, so get ready for some excitement and fun.

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