Taking a travel sabbatical is popular with gap-year school leavers and mid-life career changers alike.

There’s something about new horizons, unfamiliar cultures and stunning scenery that’s ideal for refreshing and reviving us.

So if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and want to find a new direction in life, jetting off to the sunshine might be just the ticket.

But there are a few basics to take care of prior to departure — here are three helpful hacks for round-the-world travellers.


You should research the best travel smartphones before you take off so you can keep safe and be in touch with friends and family at every point of your trip.

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The first pro tip is buying an unlocked mobile that allows you to use local SIM cards with cheap call rates in each territory — otherwise you could be hit with a huge bill for international roaming charges.

Buying a model that can snap decent photos could also save you shelling out on a separate camera and save space in your backpack.

And if the battery and charging features are bang-on, your phone won’t be out of action at important moments — but ensure you’ve got the right adapter for each country on your itinerary.

Buying a cheaper or mid-range model can also be a wise move because flashy phones can make you a target for crime.


It’s wise to have enough savings to cover the basics for the duration of your trip — even if you’re able to work online or in person to support yourself.

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And cash machines are widespread unless you plan to visit somewhere extremely remote — so there’s no need to carry a large wad of cash on your person.

But take a look at the best debit cards to use abroad in case your current bank will charge you exorbitant fees for withdrawing cash abroad.

If this is the case you can open an account with a competitor and transfer the required funds.

And if you’ve got a credit card try to clear enough debt so there’s space on the account to use it in an emergency.

If you don’t have a credit card, get one — it could pay for your ticket out of a tricky situation if you lose your bank card.


If you’ve already planned a career-change and are taking your trip to clear your mind during a hiatus, online learning could provide you with the flexibility to travel while taking a career-enhancing course.

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Distance learning degrees in subjects like management and marketing can help you climb the career ladder or change sectors completely — and what better way to study than tapping away at your laptop as you lounge on a tropical beach?

These three helpful hacks should allow you to return from your dream trip perfectly prepared for exciting new opportunities.

What’s your top tip for a travel sabbatical? Share your advice in the comments section.

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