You would love everything about Ioannina the moment you set your eyes on it. The Greek island which is the capital of Ioannina regional unit and of Epirus, has lakes, caves, and castles, making it the best place for kids to enjoy their holiday. Here are the best things we think you can do here that your kids would love.

5D Planet

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This movie theatre and game center is one of the most fun and engaging place for you to be in Ioannina. It has everything to make their visit an unforgettable one including a dynamic cinema experience on a 6 DOF Platform, a 150-inch arc screen, a 5.1 Dolby surround system, and several latest effects that are backed by fun technology. You can watch movies, play games, and do all sorts of things that will help improve your fun experience.

Vikos – Aoos National Park

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National parks are an opportunity to move closer to nature and experience incredible awesomeness. The Vikos – Aoos National Park is just like the Grand Canyon without the crowd, you have access to a great time you won’t forget in a hurry. On the west and east side, there is so much for you to view and experience. You can go hiking or visit the Gorge with the cold spring at the bottom, the kids will surely love it. There are also plenty of paths, rivers, and other places you couldn’t imagine.

Ioannina Castle

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This fortified old town in the city of Ioannina is an excellent destination to help kids enjoy their stay and at the same time learn something new. The castle was built in 528 AD by the Emperor Justinian, and its primary aim is to demonstrate the Byzantine Empire’s ambitious character and power. You can walk around the castle, go see the inner yard and experience the interesting ruins. Other people also like to visit a restaurant at the Its Kale Boutique Hotel, enjoy the silversmith museum, and Ali Pasha’s gravesite.

The Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

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Located in Litharitsa Park in the center of Ioannina, the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina is a must-see for children and adults. The museum is famous since it covers the regional history of Epirus from the paleolithic up until the modern ancient and Medieval history. Some of the interesting artifacts you will find interesting include amour suites, vast ancient coin collection, modern decoration with pictures of trees, headstones, inscriptions, paleolithic tools, and so on. It’s a beautiful place that goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge but promotes relaxation, energy, and fun.

Enjoy the beauty of Lake Pamvotida

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Lake Pamvotida is carefully positioned at 470m elevation, south of the Mitsikeli Mountains. What makes the place a wonderful destination for the kids is the rich ecosystem and plenty of activities we’re sure the kids would enjoy. The water here is clean so you can go swimming. Also, people who come here like to do water skiing, rowing, and canoeing, or take a boat ride.

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