The Euboea is one of the coolest places for a family vacation because of its beaches, high grounds, hiking trails, and peace. To help you enjoy your stay to the max, we’ve selected some of the best places we think you’re going to find amazing, for a wonderful holiday.

Waterfall of Drimona

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The waterfall of Drimona is the road to paradise. Here, you and the kids will have all the time to relax and enjoy yourself, in a place filled with the pure essence of nature. There are so many things for you to do around the waterfall. You can walk, swim, relax by the waters, or visit the surrounding forest. There is a path here you can follow, which has become a popular hiking path for visitors. Whatever your desires, you’re very much going to find the right spot to get peace and happiness.

Archaeological Museum of Eretria

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Established in 1960, this museum offers a wide collection of artifacts. The museum was created by a combined effort of Swiss and Greek, which is why most of the notations are in Greek and French. Kids have so much to gain visiting this kind of place because it exposed them to natural history and physical elements that represent human expressions and values, centuries ago. What this museum lacks in size, it makes up in stories and displays, which many visitors have testified to be very captivating.

Explore The Beaches

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You can also explore the many gorgeous and clean beaches places in the region of Euboea have to offer. One of the most notable beaches you can find here is the Kalamos Beach, which is located at Agii Apostoloi. It has clear blue water and a peaceful environment that attracts a lot of families and young people from different parts of Greece. You can also visit Korasida Beach, if not for anything but the opportunity to witness a magnificent sunrise, from the Aegean Sea. When you’re tired, you can relax into one of their many taverns and rooms, or visit the restaurants for some quality meals. Armyrichi Beach is another quality beach that we think the kids are going to enjoy staying. The crystal clear water is good for swimming, while the big shallow cave will provide you with shade in case the sun is too much for you.

Karababa Castle

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Learn about the ancient lifestyle by visiting Karababa Castle. Here, you’ll be able to climb to the top and witness very interesting things, including 14th-century tombstones. Part of the features of the castle includes a fascinating free museum, where there are highlights of the rich multinational history of the city. This absolutely stunning place is also the best location for you to have a great view of Chalkida town, which on its own is quite an experience. The castle has a big parking lot for vehicles, and the breathtaking views on the walls are something that you and the kids should experience.

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