As holiday plans come to mind and the desire to see new things and live new experiences, many have turned their attention to sailing vacations.

While city breaks and all-inclusive holidays have been popular in the past, more and more people have discovered that sailing holidays are no longer just for the ultra-rich.

The belief that they are out of budget for the majority has been dispelled. The variation and abundance of different destinations appeal to those looking for a new experience surrounded by natural beauty.

One of the biggest draws has been the destinations for some winter sun. Escaping the cold, wet weather of home and relaxing upon a yacht on calm seas under warm sun is something we all dream of.

The sailing conditions are often perfect at this time of year, whilst the weather brings a welcome relief from that of home.

Being able to immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings, from beaches to forests. There is also an abundance of colourful and vibrant wildlife to see in their natural habitat as well.

Winter sun yachting is also the perfect alternative to city breaks and hotels where you can have perfect peace and quiet on the open sea. The chance to relax and enjoy the calm seas is the perfect way to relax and escape the pressures of home.

The Caribbean is often the first place to come to mind when considering a winter sun vacation. Its desirable climate and predictable climate make it a perfect sailing destination.One of the most popular areas is the Bahamas which offers some of the most memorable experiences and scenery on the planet.

The easy sailing and sheltered harbours and beautifully kept beaches make the Bahamas one that all level of sailors can enjoy.

You can find your perfect vessel and charter your yacht from Borrowaboat when finalising your plans.

Much of the Bahamas is protected, meaning fishing is prohibited which will leave you the hance to scuba dive or snorkel in the sea without interference. With clear turquoise waters, you can see and explore what’s down below, the enchanting world under the sea.

The traditional on-land holidays cannot compare with the chance to experience the Bahamas from the sea.

You can explore from island to island, see the legendary swimming pigs, the large iguanas on the beaches as well as swim with, or watch from the side of your yacht, the sea turtles, nurse sharks and colourful fish that call these waters home.

The beauty of a yachting holiday in the Bahamas means you can explore each island with ease, as well as take advantage of the on-land activities when you dock. As well as the beaches, you can do more on-land activities:

  • Aquaventure Water Park
  • Port Lucayo Marketplace
  • Count Basie Square
  • Queen’s Staircase
  • John Waitling’s Distillery
  • Ardastra Gardens and Wildlife Conservation Centre
  • Lucayan National Park
  • Pirates of Nassau Museum
  • Baha Mar Casino

There is such as wide selection of activities to enjoy whilst sailing around the Bahamas. You are sure to find something for every interest.

On a sailing holiday you can plan out your route and visit all the areas that draws your attention, while not having to consistently return to a hotel room on one specific island.

Whist sailing you can also have all your equipment with you, your clothing and personal belongings as well as all the activities you can do from the yacht.

Always having your snorkel to hand ensures that you can dive in at any point. Should you see a seat turtle swimming by you can get straight in, rather than hoping they come to the beach next to your hotel.

You can also keep any water sports equipment with you that can be used by the whole family. For the evenings as well, you can have televisions and music systems, with the chance to see the sunset on the horizon while drifting along on the sea with a perfectly uninterrupted view.

As well as the Bahamas there are many other places which provide winter sun and enjoyable sailing experiences.

  • Seychelles

Situated off the East African coast, the Seychelles is a combination of 115 islands which offer picturesque scenery to completely immerse yourself in.

White beaches as well as jungle and coastal hikes are experiences not to miss. There are also many hidden coves and bays to see, and its clear waters are also perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Its islands have a diverse mix of African, British, French and Indian influences, ensuring that the Seychelles are like no other destination in the world.

  • Thailand

While many will visit Thailand for its on-land experiences, it is also a fantastic sailing destination.

Home to stunning beaches and thousands of small islands, there is so much to explore and experience.

It is a lively culture where you can find lots of exciting beach parties and nightlife as well as great food.

  • Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a beautiful volcanic island and one of the best winter sun destinations in Europe.

While the sea and the winds are a little stronger than other areas, if you don’t hire a crew you will need to have at least an intermediate experience in sailing.

There is great snorkelling and scuba diving around the coast, and on-land you can take the cable car up to the summit of the Mount Teide volcano.

Your budget will always play a part in which of the many destinations you choose and the luxuriousness of you yacht. Nevertheless, sailing holidays have never been so accessible and are experiences not to be missed.

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