Going on any holiday is an exciting time, but safari tours have that extra special feeling about them, as well as being a great way to escape a 9-5 routine and a chance to see some of the most beautiful and majestic creatures the world has to offer. But, before you start throwing everything and anything in to your suitcase take a minute to think, what do you really need?

Well, we have put a list together, which we like to call out “ultimate safari packing list”. Alright the last bit was made up, but I promise you this list will see you ready to depart and get your safari on in no time at all!


Let’s start with essentials, after all this is a holiday like any other and you will need basic necessities. Never count on the hotel to provide the toiletries, as you won’t want to go 2 weeks without your favourite shampoo. Before flying check the airline rules, as you don’t want your liquids confiscated before you have even left the country.

Don’t forget sunscreen and after sun, you will be exposed in the heat for long portions of the day so it’s wise to be protected from the sun at all times.

In-Flight Entertainment

 Now I don’t usually include things like this on a list, as you are going on holiday you want to escape the norm, however, when cooped up on a long-haul flight a distraction is often welcomed to drown out the snoring from the passenger next door!

Again, it is worth checking what you are and are not allowed on board the plane in terms of technology as we want this trip to go down without a hitch. When packing my hand luggage I always go for the following;

  • Book/eBook (You won’t get me on a plane without this plain and simple)
  • Phone/Tablet
  • Headphones

This one probably goes without saying, but, remember to pack chargers and the all-important adapters, I have made that mistake more than once…


This one is last on the list, but is very important, obviously, so pay close attention. Before I start packing, I will always check the weather and take at least one outfit that will protect me if the worst was to happen, which it often does. As you are visiting a hot climate you will need protection from the sun, so in addition to the sunscreen a hat is always a great idea. Similarly, you will want comfortable, loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes for the long days out trekking. I always take extra outfits as you never know what could happen, and I don’t travel anywhere without my Banana Moon personalised t shirt, as a holiday without an awkward picture in my holiday t shirt is no holiday in my eyes!

That’s it, pretty simple huh? Now all you have to do is everything into your suitcase, and unfortunately that isn’t something we can help with this time!

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