Many believe that a good life must contain good food and drink. While there are many things that one can choose to fulfill this desire, one of the most popular everyday delights is that of a great beer. With a great beer in mind, here is a list of eight must-visit cities around the world to quench this thirst.

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Dublin, Ireland

No list of cities for beer lovers would do without including Dublin, Ireland. As home to the famous Guinness Brewery that was created by its namesake Arthur Guinness in 1759, Dublin offers what beer lovers desire: taste and quality. Though this is possibly the most famous beer found here, it is not the only one. There are more than a thousand bars and pubs in Dublin and the surrounding areas, so there’s no shortage of great beer to try or breweries to tour.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a must-visit for any beer lover. Many modern breweries are committed to experimentation and offer dozens of new beers each year, and there are many historic monasteries that provide traditional brews. There is a flavor for every pallet and a beer for every occasion. Take a beer tour and sample numerous fermented flavors, or choose just one and spend the day enjoying it. Either way, it is certain that no beer lover will leave Brussels without finding plenty to satisfy their thirst.

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Munich, Germany

If Germany is on the itinerary in October, make sure that Munich and Oktoberfest are too. With over six million beer lovers visiting this two-week celebration each year, there is no doubt that every beer fanatic will find something. Looking for something less crowded? Don’t worry, there are beautiful beer gardens and halls throughout the city that are open year-round to appease the craving for the best brews.

Rome, Italy

More commonly known for its fabulous wines, Rome should not be overlooked when in need of a fantastic beer. Home to craft beer producers like Birra Baladin and bars like Ma che siete venuti a fà, finding great food and fabulous drinks are as easy as pulling up a stool. Take a tour of the brewery or take in a game at the bar — either way promises a fantastic afternoon and a thirst-quenching delight.

Seoul, South Korea

If unique drinking locations and drinking on the go is what suits you, then Seoul won’t disappoint. In a city where everything is fast paced, beer drinking is not the exception. Many here believe that the fermented brew is best drunk on the go and rapidly, which is why beer drinking often takes place at beer tents in parking lots. So, when a trip involves the beautiful hustle and bustle of Seoul, make sure to find a beer tent to sample some brews.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Home to one of the oldest beer pubs, U Fleku, Prague is a must-visit city for any beer connoisseur or for those who just enjoy a nice mug after a long day. Visit in the month of May and enjoy the 17-day beer festival that will introduce the flavors of over seventy different fermented beers. Find the perfect complement to any meal or enjoy a frothy mug of delicious brew from any one of the numerous pubs that call Prague their home.

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

No beer lovers’ bucket list would be complete without a visit to Asheville, North Carolina. With a ranking of second highest in breweries-per-capita, this town offers the best in independent beer crafters. Take a stroll through town and sample something from the multitude of breweries like the Green Man Brewery and the Wicked Weed Brewing Funkatorium. With old-time methods and modern, eco-friendly designs combined, any beer lover might find their next favorite in Asheville.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Combining flavors like Ekuanot hops and wild yeast or adding flavors like cherries from British Columbia, Victoria is home to some genuinely creative brewmasters. Start a trip through the city at Swans Brewery and then move around the corner to the Canoe Brewpub. Leave room, though, for more tasting and beer genius at the Hoyne brewery or one of the many breweries throughout Victoria.

Whether the preference of the day is a pale ale or an Irish stout, these cities will delight even the pickiest of beer connoisseurs. With flavors that range from light and fruity to robust and earthy, quenching your thirst for the world’s best beer is as close as your next vacation.

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