10The Birth Of Venus

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If you want to prepare to travel to Italy but are bored of so much searching on the Internet, why not try to learn more about this beautiful country in another way? Reading can take you to distant places without having to leave your favorite chair. So, head over to a bookstore or download some of these books to your eBook – the 10 best books to read before traveling to Italy! Here we list some of the books from Italy that, in addition to their great storylines, also convey the beauty of Italian places and the true Italian soul. If you get so inspired by these books that you want to visit some of the places mentioned, fill out our form and we will design a personalized itinerary for you! Here are the best books written about Italy, based on Italy or written by Italian authors. This stands out as the perfect book for those who love an exciting read that is a mixture of romance and renaissance history. The Birth of Venus is the story of a wealthy teenage lady that falls in love with an artist. The romance is forbidden and takes an awkward turn, during the time of political unrest. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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