Hardly a day goes by without news concerning innovations in blockchain, the launch of new cryptocurrencies, and other related crypto platforms where you can buy dogecoin, tether, etherium, bitcoin and more. This explains why many experts believe that cryptocurrency is here to stay and it will be the method of payment and transactions of the future.

There are numerous blockchain and cryptocurrency themed events happening across the world at the moment, which is a good thing for the crypto community as interests continue to grow. These events offer the stakeholders in the cryptocurrency world the opportunity to further reach out to new investors and discuss the future of the industry.

It is no longer news that a good number of global brands now accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment. There have also been notable gains in terms of integrating cryptocurrency with the everyday life of users in the form of bitcoin ATMs provided by companies such as Satoshi Point. But there is a long way to go as far as global acceptance of cryptocurrency is concerned.

If you are travelling to London for business or pleasure, and you are looking for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related conferences and events to attend, we have you covered. At these events, you will have the opportunity to participate in discussions surrounding cryptocurrency and what the future holds. Also, you will meet some of the brilliant minds in the crypto community.

Here are the 5 best cryptocurrency conferences that you should attend while visiting London.

CryptoBlockCon – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Conference

23-24 Sep 2019

On the 23rd and 24th of September, you will have the opportunity to mingle with top crypto experts as well as other members of the cryptocurrency community at the CryptoBlockCon. The event will host experts in the industry who will talk about the possibilities and future of blockchain technology. Attendees will be able to network with founders, investors, and thought leaders in the crypto and blockchain community.

Blockchain Live

25 Sep 2019

Blockchain Live is arguably one of the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency themed events happening in London in 2019. It is a content-packed festival that offers attendees the opportunity to connect and collaborate with stakeholders from different segments of the value chain of cryptocurrency. The event is taking a break from the traditional format to one where attendees can engage collaboratively. If you are visiting London in September, this is one event that you do not want to miss.


CC Forum Investment In Blockchain And AI

14-16 October 2019

This is the 3rd edition of the CC Forum blockchain and AI themed conference. The conference will be attended by VC capitalists and investment firms looking for opportunities in emerging innovative technologies. The CC Forum boasts of the biggest gathering of global startups and stakeholders in the financial tech sector. The conference will host an exhibition and several networking opportunities.

The London Cryptocurrency Show

25th October 2019

Here is another cryptocurrency conference in London that you should consider if you are in the city in October. The Cryptocurrency Show promises to give attendees education and new insights in investing in cryptocurrency. You will get the opportunity to learn from industry insiders and crypto traders. There is a line-up of workshops, seminars, panel sessions, and live debates planned for it.

London Crypto Summit – Digital Securities, Cryptocurrencies, STOs

8th October 2019

At the London Crypto Summit, experts will be discussing everything from cryptocurrencies to digital securities. Use cases will be highlighted and discussed during the workshops and seminars at the summit. The focus will be placed on tokenisation and the possibilities of blockchain technology in the financial space.

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