1. Risnjak National Park

Croatia is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, especially after the Game of Thrones series, which makes it known worldwide. It has a huge range of abundant landscapes, lush forests, and beautiful islands. But, the best part of this country is the magnificent forests. Risnjak National Park has plenty of beautiful sceneries and forests to explore. The most typical thing about this national park is the wild forests and primitive nature. It is a quiet national park, so it would be possible to be just you strolling around, and that the funniest part of the exploration.

Location: Dinaric Alps

2. Krka Forest

Krka forest is surrounded by riverbanks and waterfalls, which is one of the best landscapes you could ever see. The biodiversity of the forest is excellent as it is home to 850 kinds of plants that flourish in the area. At the end of the forest, there is a large pool, which is one of the most photographed places in Croatia, the Skradinski Buk. Generally, it is a beautiful place worth visiting.

Location: Krka River

3. Plitvice Forest Lakes

Plitvice Lake is also a well-known location in Croatia, such as Dubrovnik, and it is the ideal place to take amazing pictures. Crystal clear and turquoise waters, waterfalls, and forests are some of the reasons to visit this place. There are plenty of picturesque wooden walkways, extremely beautiful trees, and flowers,  generally an ideal way to spend the day in nature.

Location: Plitvice

4. Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park is among some of the best excursions to go during your stay in Croatia. The National Park is located on the island and has plenty of activities to do, such as visiting the Bronze Age hill-fort, a Knights Templar, and dinosaur footprints alongside the forest. The landscape has an outstanding coastline and charming routes which lead to the forest. Definitely a worth visiting park.

Location: Brijuni Islands

5. Paklenica Forest

Paklenica Forest has an abundance of landscapes and fauna to explore during your trip there. The hiking to the mountain is quite demanding so be prepared to have proper shoes and water and food with you. But, once you reach the top, the views are great and you will be amazed by the scenic roads of the forest.

Location: Paklenica Mountain

6. Sjeverni Velebit Forest

Velebit Mountains are the largest range of mountains in Croatia, and if you wishing to see lush and verdant forests then definitely you should head off there. Mountaineering is charming there and a unique experience, so make sure to make the most of it. The landscape is quite wild with large rocks and untouched places, so it is really a place waiting for you to be discovered.

Location: Velebit Mountains

7. Kornati National Park

This is about a complex of islands that are inhabited and isolated, but the appealing nature makes them the ideal travel destination. Generally, mostly it is known for the exploration of seabed and the beautiful waters but before arriving at the sea, there is plenty of nature to explore. It might be considered as an alternative option of forest trip including an the beauty of sea life.

Location: Kornati Islands

8. Ucka Forest

Ucka forest is the highest peak in these mountainous landscapes, and it has plenty of sights to see before arriving on the top. The forest is easily accessible and you will enjoy the hiking as it full of limestone cliffs and beautiful walkways. Once you get on the top, you will be able to watch the amazing view of the Croatian Riviera, and the Istrian Peninsula. Totally worth it!

Location: Istrian Peninsula

9. Biokovo National Park

If you are looking for wild, rocky and untamed forests, then this is the perfect option for you. The location is ideal and has many to offer from great views to unique fauna and flora. You can have an easy ride to go to the highest peak, but you should prepare to have comfortable shoes with you and some food and water.

Location: Biokovo

10. Mljet National Park

Another off-the-beaten-path forest as it is known more for its stunning beaches. The National Park is located on the island, and it is easy to get there. Lush forests cover the hillside before heading to the beach, which is of great beauty and uniqueness. Besides, there is a variety of activities to do on the island except hiking, which will definitely make you have the greatest time ever.

Location: Mljet Island


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