10Fannie Bay Super Pizza

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These are the most dangerous and scary restaurants in the world. Some of them are rated as dangerous based on their location, others because of certain events that took place in the premises. Finally, we have those deemed dangerous due to the type of food served or the means by which it’s prepared. Regardless of what the reason may be for the rating, you’ll certain have second thoughts about eating in one of these once you read the stories. Would you dare to eat there? Located in Darwin, Australia, this pizza parlor is not sprawled on a steep hill but just the same, it can be considered as one of the most dangerous restaurants in the world. This is because this was the place where a chef died while at work. What makes this incident incredulous was that it happened during a busy shift and no one among the staff even bothered to help him or even get the body out of the way. They continued working and seating people, even stepping on the body. Quite gruesome and cruel but gives you an idea of what we mean when we call this restaurant dangerous. This is the first restaurant in the list and it only gets more dangerous from now on. Are you ready? Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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