10Nuuksio National Park

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Finland is a cold country that is full of amazing places to visit of immense natural beauty. Here are the 10 most beautiful and incredible places to see in Finland. If you’re planning a visit for the first time, this list will help you decide on your itinerary and where it’s worth stopping. We begin with Nuuksio National Park. This place is just a few minutes from the capital of Finland, Helsinki, so it’s easily accessible and if you’re staying in the capital you will have no problems making a visit. If you are fond of adventure with nature, this is a perfect location for you. It has a newly opened stylish Finnish Nature Center Haltia, which features exhibits about geology, flora, and fauna of the great wildernesses of the country. Finnish wilderness is truly majestic and worth observing making a visit to this park a must, if you love animals and nature as a whole. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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