Most backpackers spend their time touring either in-country or abroad. Backpacking for beginners can be tough, and it can be hard to remember all the minute details before leaving home. While your trip could be well planned, forgetting some essential things may ruin the whole idea. As such, some backpacker ideas for beginners come in handy.

Check out some beginner backpacking tips:

  1. Treat yourself once in a while 

Sleeping in dorms or having shared accommodation is an excellent way to save some bucks. However, it’s good to have some privacy too. Therefore, forget about the budget and treat yourself in an expensive hotel. After all, you won’t be there forever!

  1. Have fun

You might want to have a glass or two of the most popular drinks after a long day of touring. Instead of consuming too much in low-cost clubs, visit rooftop bars and have a few bottles of the most popular beverages in the area. This way, your perception of inexpensive things will change! Besides, you’ll enjoy yourself and at the same time have an excellent view of most places in the town.

  1. Visit a flea market

Flea markets are a great way to have fun and see the collection of furnishings, footwear, and clothes popular in the town. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, visiting a flea market in a foreign land can be exciting. However, if you wish to pick something to remind you of your trip, then they are great spots to do so.  Unlike in high-end stores, there are various flea markets where you can get great things at bargain prices.

  1. A travel sheet comes in handy!

If there’s one thing you have to include in backpacker ideas for beginners, it has to be a travel sheet. Hostel beds can be gross, and such a travel sheet will come in handy. Travel sheets are also useful in planes, trains, or sleepovers on airport floors.

For more comfort, opt for an inflatable bed, the AirBedHub’s guide to inflatable beds will guide you in picking the best mattress to suit your needs. Acquire on and forget about chilly nights on airport floors or shared hostel beds.

  1. Travel smart

As a backpacker, it’s essential always to be aware of your surroundings, especially when carrying all your belongings. You want to get robbed in a foreign land. Therefore, research on the levels of theft and common tourist scams in the area. More so, enjoy your trip but know the way back to your hotel or hostel.  If you get mugged or get lost, accept it, and keep moving. After all, such moments define you as a backpacker.

  1. Pack layered clothes

Even when traveling through Africa or Europe in summer, don’t ever think that the only backpacking gear you require is a short and a shirt. Instead, pack clothes that can layer to keep you warm or cold as needed. More so, have a backpacking packing list; and it will guide you not to overpack. The trains, airports, and hotels can be chilly sometimes. Therefore, be ready for the change of weather and carry appropriate clothes.

  1. Don’t forget travel insurance

Don’t ever think about backpacking without travel insurance. You’ll most likely need it during your trip. Most backpackers spend lots of time in remote areas, train stations, and bus terminals. As such, they are prone to illnesses, injuries, or even robberies. It would be prudent to acquire backpackers travel insurance before leaving for your vacation.


There are many backpacker ideas for beginners. Though you’d want to travel on a budget, there are some essentials that you can’t overlook. Therefore, get travel insurance, have warm clothes with you, ensure that you’re safe and above all, have fun.

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