10Nemo 33 – Brussels

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What makes a pool incredible or unbelievable? Usually it’s a combination of depth, naturalness and the type of water it contains or the places it’s located in. Below you’ll find the craziest ones. Here are the 10 most incredible and insane pools in the world. Both natural and man-made, how are such places even possible? We begin with Nemo 33 found in Brussels, of Belgium. This is known as the deepest man-made pool in the world and is specifically used for divers who want to practice diving and want to accustom or challenge themselves to reach new depths before venturing into the open sea. It’s crazy how deep it goes and what an experience it is to reach the bottom. Very few people manage to touch the bottom though. After all, if it wasn’t this hard, it wouldn’t be a challenge. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!