4The Suicide Club

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The city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is a memorable place to be, for tourists and visitors. There is so much to do here, including sightseeing and holiday fun and activities. After experiencing the beauty of the place, it will do you a great favor to visit their rooftop bars, which offer plenty of fun, food, and entertainment. This cosmopolitan and modern restaurant, club, and the rooftop bar is an excellent place to enjoy a great evening in the city of Rotterdam. The bar is strategically located on the 8th floor of the historical Groot Handelsgebouw building, with an indoor section and outdoor terrace, both offering an incredible view of the city. The bar offers a wide range of drinks and food, creative cocktails, many of which were re-invented from classics. Even though it might be a bit tricky to find, The Suicide Club should never be missed as it’s one of the best destinations for a panoramic experience you can ever experience. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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