10Croyde to Lynton

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Just like with the most beautiful hiking trails, coastal walks are just as scenic, if not more. They both belong in the same category but coastal walks have one element always constant. The presence of the sea on one side as you walk and explore the English countryside. Today we present the ten most spectacular coastal walks in England that are gorgeous to experience at least once in your life! We begin with Croyde to Lynton which is one of the most stimulating coastal walks in England because the trail here would be a little rigorous. Along this road are coves, bays and wonderful woodland pockets. The kind of scenery that mesmerizes you and makes you want to stay in one spot for a while, appreciating all the natural beauty and sea breeze around. Since Lynton is a town on top of a cliff in North Devon, you can have an incredible view of the Gower Peninsula and South Wales. An unforgettable experience. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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