There is nothing better than travelling expect when you’re travelling with your girls – for many reasons, but mostly because no matter where in the world you choose it will always be an adventure. It requires very little to have a great time away with your favorite women. Just being around them makes you feel stronger and even more beautiful. They are your favorite people, and they love you for who you are inside, not for your label of mom or wife or sister but for the friend, for the only original you.

It’s not often that you get to embark on a journey together. With the modern world of women being so demanding we don’t usually get a gap to unwind and reconnect with our friends as we are currently juggling more jobs and titles than we cared to admit titles; of mom, wife, doctor, cook, entertainer, trainer, teacher and colleague. It’s a one-stop shop for everyone but who you actually are, and it can be exhausting. This year try and make time for you and your girlfriends. For your original self, your first and most important title to have time to shine. So, we have put together a list – and it is it long because it doesn’t need to be, on how to plan the perfect getaway for you and your girls.

Location, Location, Location

Picking a location for any vacation is super important. However, when travelling with your girls, the possibilities are endless. There is no need to consider kid-friendly alternatives or something to entertain your hubby while you roam the trendy streets of Paris (shopping – duh). When you’re with your girl’s everyone is just happy to be together. The perfect places for girl trip are experiences that are deeply enriching, ones that fulfil the soul and offer a unique insight into the world around you. As well as the opportunity to explore, rest and reflect.

An African Safari is our ultimate pick for a girl’s trip. Its primordial beauty is unrivalled, and its peace and tranquility are infections. It is the perfect place to experience some downtime, to sip Pimm’s under the African Sun and glimpse into the intimate and authentic lifestyle of all the inhabitants of the wild – both big and small. It’s the ultimate place to unwind as it is far from the busy and bustling crowds of the city or your everyday manic Monday routine. Instead, your days are filled with some of the greatest natural wonders of the world; simplistic beauty, sunshine, white bathrobes, slippers and of course cocktails.

Choose Your Crew

Picking the girls you want to spend your time with is super important. You want girls who are laid back and relaxed – girls who gel well with each other and don’t mind a few detours and unplanned adventures. This is not a wedding where all thirty of your ‘best friends ‘have to be bridesmaids – please. Just a few of your CLOSEST friends will do. Remember the more people, the more opinions, and you’re trying to avoid routines or making admin for yourselves – this isn’t a family vacay it’s a girl’s getaway, make sure you take all the precautions for it to feel like it.


It’s important while on your vacation to disconnect. Turn off your cell phone, iPad, MacBook and iPod. There is no need to be tethered to all your technological devices. You are no longer on call or in demand, but rather you have slipped the radar, you’re off the beaten track and off the clock. Use this time to build relationships with the people around you, to learn to be completely present where you are. The world will get on without your one email or your quick conference call, and you will be better off knowing that all that is required of you is nothing at all.

Stay Hydrated

Whether it’s champagne, Pimm’s, martinis or good old South African Wine, Africa has it all and with the weather so warm all year round it is important to stay hydrated at all cost. The many game parks and safari lodges will ensure you and your girlfriends are well looked after with good food and good drinks to match your good company.

Another plus for a safari location is that you can get all your meals inclusive with certain packages –  that means no one has to be the cook in this household.


As you are all strong and powerful women with schedules that could rival that of any CEO of any company it’s important to plan. Ensure that everyone can take leave, or time off long in advance. Africa has beautiful weather all year round – so it doesn’t really matter when everyone can get time off, because any time is a good time in Africa.

Planning a girl’s trip is always fun, but picking a location is never easy. Africa provides the perfect place for you and your girls to rejuvenate your souls. With some careful planning and some good preparation, you can have all you ever wanted and more from your girl’s getaway in Africa. There is no place to feel more loved, appreciated and understood than in Africa, for she too is a woman, a woman of power, of tranquility and of peace.

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