The German city of Düsseldorf is a beautiful place to be with all its glamor, love, power, and adventure. Apart from the advantage of visiting lovely parks and recreation centers, you could also enjoy yourself in one of the numerous rooftop bars found all over the city. Here are the best rooftop destinations Düsseldorf has to offer visitors.

Innside Duesseldorf Hafen

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When you mix a rooftop bar with a cocktail and good music, you’ll have access to something unbeatable. The INNSIDE Duesseldorf Hafen is one of the most interesting rooftop bars in Düsseldorf, patronized by locals and visitors alike. The bar is close to the harbor area, with the entire place properly renovated to provide visitors with an unmatched view of architectural marvel and wonders. On Fridays, the fun here is incredible as people dance and merry all night long while enjoying the very best of food, drinks, and more.

The Paris Club Restaurant & Bar

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On the top two floors of the 25hours Hotel, you have the Paris Club restaurant & bar offering visitors a 360-degree view of the city of Düsseldorf. It’s a classical rendition of a luxurious atmosphere that delivers French chic, flair, and industrial-style elements. Sit on the armchairs for hours, enjoy the cool breeze of the atmosphere, drink French wines, and watch the sunset. Here, you can also stop for a late dinner, enjoy a full selection of French food, and get used to experiencing luxurious life on top of a bar located on the 17th floor.

Phoenix Roof Terrace “Twenty-Two”

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If you’re not cool with The Paris Club restaurant & bar then, Phoenix Roof terrace “Twenty-Two” is the next best option. Here, you will enjoy an adventurous time in the middle of the city of Düsseldorf. They offer visitors something truly unique, including their experimental dishes and an unbelievable selection of foods. From the height of 80 meters, visitors will be able to enjoy a well-attended terrace that reveals the very best of the beautiful city. Phoenix roof terrace “twenty-two” I even more fun during summertime, when there are plenty of lively events where you can meet a lot of fun and nice people. To have exclusive access to these events, you’ll need to keep an eye on their calendar, which can be accessed via their website.

QOMO Restaurant & Bar

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QOMO Restaurant & Bar is one of the most exciting locations where you find unlimited rooftop fun in the city of Düsseldorf. One of the things that makes the lounge an excellent place to have fun is their bar, offering a cozy and stylish atmosphere. Some of the signature drinks that you’ll be able to enjoy in the place are sake champagne – delivered by sake specialists, and Geisha Mule. You will also have access to Japanese spirits and course cocktails, most of which are offered by highly trained and respectful staff and attend to the needs of the customers. The bar guarantees a complete experience with the introduction of bar music, DJ music, and live performances by some of the best musical artists in the city.

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