The German city of Düsseldorf is a beautiful place to be with all its glamor, love, power, and adventure. Apart from the advantage of visiting lovely parks and recreation centers, you could also enjoy yourself in one of the numerous rooftop bars found all over the city. Here are the best rooftop destinations Düsseldorf has to offer visitors.

4Innside Duesseldorf Hafen

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When you mix a rooftop bar with a cocktail and good music, you’ll have access to something unbeatable. The INNSIDE Duesseldorf Hafen is one of the most interesting rooftop bars in Düsseldorf, patronized by locals and visitors alike. The bar is close to the harbor area, with the entire place properly renovated to provide visitors with an unmatched view of architectural marvel and wonders. On Fridays, the fun here is incredible as people dance and merry all night long while enjoying the very best of food, drinks, and more.

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