Bolivia has quite some drinks for you to explore. There are heavy drinks like alcoholic beers, alcoholic wines, whiskey, etc. that you can try out. If you are not interested in heavy drinks, there are lots of alternative soft drinks to quench your thirsts like juices, beverages, and shakes. These are some of the finest drinks you can settle for in Bolivia.

Api Blanco (White Api)

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Api Blanco is a drink you wouldn’t want to miss out while in Bolivia. Although traditionally accompanied by pastries, it is a drink made from kernels of large white (morocho) corn that can be served warm or cold. The drink has a smooth, creamy semolina quality, much more like a creamy, milky liquid. Api Blanco is served as breakfast to travelers that are cold at bus stations in western and central Bolivia very early in the morning.

Gran Patrono

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Bolivians love wines. Gran Patrono is the first Marselan wine produced in Bolivia and launched to the national market. It is known to be a very complex and full-blooded wine that is balanced and aromatic at the same time. Gran patrono has a unique aroma of cocoa, plums, raspberry, blackcurrant, raisins, smoky notes, spices, notes of pepper, and licorice that you will find very pleasant. It can be found in several wine shops and stores around the country.


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This drink is referred to as the national drink of Bolivia produced from the country’s high valleys. Although distilled from the white Muscat of Alexandria grapes, singani’s character and production methods are closest to eau-de-vie but classified as brandy for the sake of international trade. The drink has been in production since the 16th century shortly after the Spanish arrived in South America. Singani is a drink that gives you a refreshing feeling and can be found in most stores in the country.


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If you need a very light and refreshing drink to keep you going during a cold day, Linaza is the right choice for you. Linaza is one of the most popular juices in Bolivia that you can find in almost every store around the country. It is a healthy drink that is full of good nutrition, but the best way to enjoy its health benefits is to consume it raw. You can walk into any bar in the country and have a couple of this drink.


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Bolivia has a variety of cocktails that will keep you refreshed during your visit to the country. A popular cocktail you should try out is Chuflay, which is known to be a tantalizing drink that Bolivians enjoy the most. It consists of Singani, ginger ale, or lemon-lime soda such as 7Up, and a slice of lime. Sucumbe is another thirst-quenching cocktail that you shouldn’t miss out on while in the country. It is thought to have originated within the small Afro-Bolivian community. The drink is made up of Singani, milk, egg, and cinnamon. Other nice cocktails you can explore include Yungueño, Tumbo cocktail, and Té con té.

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