The republic of Artsakh or Artsakh is a breakaway nation from Azerbaijan. It’s full of Armenian people who have a unique culture and tradition dating back thousands of years ago. The country with only 150,000 people is also a great place for cuisine. Here are some of the most popular drinks you will find when you visit this country.

Armenian Beer

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Beer production in Artsakh has been around since the 5th century BC. For the men in this country, beer is the most popular option. Armenian beer is produced from malt which is cultivated extensively in the country. It’s a great experience to have drinking along with locals and other tourists in any of their restaurants, bars, and clubs. Some of the best local beer brands for you to enjoy include Kotayk, Kolikia, Erubeni, Gyumri, and Aleskandrapol.


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On your adventure at Artsakh, you’re going to meet a lot of locally made spirits, but the single most interesting one would definitely be Oghi. This drink is enjoyed by the young and elderly and regarded as a traditional drink of a very interesting ancient culture. You will find Oghi almost everywhere as it is often served to welcome guests and consumed during meals. There is a variety of the drink, however, and they include pear, fig, plum, cornelian cherry, apricot, mulberry, grape, blackberry, and apple.

Armenian Cognac

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For every tourist coming to Artsakh, the Armenian Cognac is one drink that you’re never going to miss. The reason for this is because of wide acceptance in every place where Armenians can be found. There are six varieties of grapes for you to explore and give a try, and people who have tried these drinks can testify to their quality, taste, and exceptional flavor. Armenian Cognac has been produced since the 1900s by the Yerevan Wine & Brandy Factory. There are many options for this drink for you to choose from. However, the most expensive collection of cognacs are the ones produced by aging vintage cognacs. You may also want to try out some of the world-renowned Armenian cognac brands like Ararat, Great Valley, Mane, and Armenika.

Vodka “Artsakh”

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If you’re not a fan of spirits and Cognacs, then you should consider trying out the Vodka “Artsakh”. This high-quality drink is the strongest drink aged on white mulberry and mostly served at restaurants, events at homes. The drink is produced in small copper cubes, with added fruits like cornelian cherry, apricot, grape, and plum. Reasonable drinking of Vodka “Artsakh” has a positive impact on the body, including the heart, which makes it an essential beverage for everyone that wants to enjoy themselves.

Armenian Sherry Wine

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Sherry wine is very common in Artsakh because of the country’s exceptional weather and atmospheric condition. Grapes produced in the country have plenty of sugar which is why the sherry wine produced more alcohol during fermentation. The sherry wine is made from ingenious grape species like Chilar and Voskehat, and offered to consumers has a luxurious, high-quality beverage they can enjoy while on vacation in this lovely country.

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