7Piazza Fontana

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Taranto is a port city and naval base in Italy. An interesting aspect of the history of the city is that during ancient times, it was one of the most populated places in the world with 300,000 people living there. There are many attractions in Taranto including squares, ancient structures, and castles. Here are 7 beautiful castles you should not miss when you visit here. Fontana square is built with a combination of ancient and modern designs. While the square has existed since the ancient Roman times, the fountain in the center which is the most attractive part was constructed in the 1500s. After that, it has experienced destructions and reconstructions to ensure it continues to play the role it’s playing in the history of the people.  Piazza Fontana is a huge part of the city of Taranto tourists appreciate. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!