Another entertaining activity you can do in Rome, in addition to visiting its valuable museums and incredible monuments, is to tour its flea markets. Many of the markets in Rome specialize in food, cheese, artisan pasta, oils and fruits, antiques and vintage items. Other markets in Rome sell vintage clothing and items, books, ornaments, varied antiques and other treasures waiting to be discovered.

Campo de’ Fiori

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The most popular among tourists, perhaps because it is located in a very visited area of ​​the historic center of Rome. The square where it is held and that gives the market its name, is located within the Parione neighborhood next to the Campo Marzio neighborhood. The popular Navona Square is also located here. The Mercado de Campo de ’Fiori has been operating since 1869 and is made up of colorful stalls of flowers, fruits, meat, fish and cereals. The Plaza de Campo de ’Fiori is surrounded by bars, cafes and restaurants and at night it is a busy walking area of ​​Rome.

Ponte Milvio Market

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The Market of Ponte Milvio is named after the bridge of the same name it is located next to. The Milvio Bridge in Rome is the “Bridge of the padlocks of Rome” that is, it is the one chosen by the lovers to hang their locks, in the same style as the Paris bridge of which this article speaks. This tradition has been fought by the city hall due to the damage it has already caused in the structure, but the lovers insist. Today it was moved to the interior of a mall.

In addition to local and exotic meats, fruits and vegetables, you will find clothes, books, antiques and much more. Some of the fruit and vegetable stalls sell certified organic products. Butchers sell in addition to traditional cuts of meat, specialties that stand out as steaks wrapped with ham pata negra or stuffed with Italian cheese.

Porta Portese Market

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This market in Rome is one of the most popular and fun. Stalls are set up from Piazza Porta Portese in the direction of Viale di Trastevere. This is the largest and most important flea market in Rome. It is very old and has served as the setting for famous classic Italian films, such as Ladri di Biciclette. It has hundreds and hundreds of stalls selling everything and its own vendors make touring this market an unforgettable experience. You can find furniture, antiques, books, bicycles, new and used clothes, household items, plants, new and used toys, souvenirs, jewelry, watches, shoes and more. The antiques in this market are not only cool trinkets or imitations, they also sell authentic eighteenth-century paintings, clocks or furniture that are true relics. Whether you are a tourist, or if you have just arrived in Rome to stay and want authentic pieces to decorate your home, this is the market that you should not miss.

Trionfale Market

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This is the largest and best market in Rome to buy food. It is located in the neighborhood known as Prati, very close to the Vatican City. It has about 300 places where you find all those things that make us delirious with Italian cuisine: cheese, wines, bread, oils, fruits, vegetables. They also sell toys, ornaments and seasonal items. It is so old and traditional, that it was already a stopping point for those who moved in carriages through these streets. Today it is well organized and its stalls are divided and indicated by colors: Blue for fish, Red for meat and Green for fruits and vegetables. The sellers of this market in Rome have inherited these businesses from generation to generation, and are proud to say that they sell the best products in Italy.

Piazza Testaccio Market

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The new and current address of the Market in Piazza Testaccio is Via Galvani. The old street market is now inside a closed enclosure built on some recently discovered ruins that will open to the public for visits. This authentic Roman market is located in the Testaccio neighborhood, less touristy than the previous ones and therefore quieter. You can get local products, handmade pasta, good quality ingredients, and ready meals. The cheese and sausages here are irresistible. Ask for a sample and delight before taking a good piece home.

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