10Morrison Planetarium, San Francisco, USA

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Planetariums are the places where education shows and movies are displayed observing spaces and the planets of our universe. The imagery and exhibitions presented as real and very interesting for people studying space. Think of them as cinemas that are dome shaped, creating the illusion of watching the sky above you and observing the stars and everything everything else found in that pitch blackness. Here are the 10 most insane Planetariums in the world, the best places you can find to discover more about space and the universe. Just incredible! Being part of the California Academy of Sciences, it can’t be denied that it is the largest all-digital planetarium on earth. It is a dome standing 75ft at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The authentic representation of the night sky that it provides to visitors makes it one of the popular destinations in San Francisco. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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