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When renting a car in London you should expect to pay around $37.50 per day.
The cheapest car rental is Budget Car Hire and you can find prices from as low as $22 per day.
You have to be at least 23 years old to rent a car in London and in general in the United Kingdom.
Yes you can usually add an extra driver to your reservation with most car rental companies. However, many of them come with an additional charge.
One of the best cars and most common for driving around London is the Renault Twingo.
Zone 1 is the central zone of London and is home to stations next to Piccadilly Circus and Westminster.
As of 2019 the population of London was estimated to be 8.982 million.
The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament is probably the attraction London is most famous for among many.
Traffic in London can be heavy at times and is generally considered bad around the center as it one of the most congested capitals in the world.
In London parking can be tricky and often the traffic is awful and during those times public transport is recommended. However, it does afford you to luxury to explore at your own pace and if you're not rushed for time can enhance the experience.