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When renting a car in Liverpool you should expect to pay around $36.90/day.
The most budget friendly car rental in Liverpool is Budget Car Hire and you can find prices from as low as $21 per day.
You have to be at least 23 years old to rent a car in Liverpool and in general in the United Kingdom.
Yes you can usually add an extra driver to your reservation with most car rental companies, but will have additional cost to do so.
One of the best cars and most common for driving around Liverpool is the Renault Twingo.
Liverpool City Centre without a doubt! Most popular with students and young professionals but also travelers.
As of 2019 the population of Liverpool was estimated to be 496,784.
The Royal Albert Dock is probably the most visited part of Liverpool among many.
Liverpool is pretty low on the list of traffic congested cities in the UK. So overall it's not bad, compared to other big cities.
Renting a car in Liverpool is recommended because it will make exploring and seeing the city much easier and convenient.