What is Malaysia Famous/Known For?

8Largest consumer of Milo

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Lying on the Malay Peninsula is a stunning nation which bears a similar name; Malaysia. It extends towards Borneo. Malaysia is one of the powerhouses in South East Asia filled with hidden islands, enchanting seascapes, and ancient sites. These are some of the things that make Malaysia famous. Undoubtedly, Malaysia is the highest consumer of Milo, one of the top non-alcoholic beverage drinks in the world. The largest Milo factory on the planet is also located at Malaysia. The probability of seeing a tin of this cocoa and malt beverage wherever you go is very high. It is sold virtually everywhere. Malaysians love to enjoy Milo in different forms like Milo and Nescafe popularly called ‘Neslo.’ Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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