What is Panama Famous/Known For?

10Geisha Coffee

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If you are very conversant with the country, you will know that it is a tropical, historical paradise and an amazing placed to be in. There is a lot more to Panama that will excite you. A visit to Panama will never leave you bored as there is so much the country has to offer the world. In fact, today we’re taking a closer look at 10 things Panama is famous for worldwide. To start off, let’s talk about the Panama coffee. The coffee is spectacular for its unique flavors and taste which cannot be compared to other kinds of coffee. The distinctive smoothness and delicious taste of the popular Geisha coffee recently earned it an international place as the best coffee bean in the world. If you’re in Panama and you enjoy coffee, then the Geisha serious beans is a godsend. You’ll be able to notice the different from other coffees you’ve had in the past as soon as you smell its flavor. Click the next ARROW¬†to see the next photo!

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