What is Kuwait Famous/Known For?

10Largest oil reserve

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Kuwait, also known as the State of Kuwait is a country located in the Western part of Asia. The name was coined from the Arabic word for Fort which is called ‘kut.’ These are the most famous facts and things that make Kuwait such a popular destination. When it comes to the largest oil reserves in the world, Kuwait ranks 5th, which is very considerable. The oil reserves in Kuwait makes up about 8% of the total oil reserves in the world. This country is OPEC’s third largest producer of oil in the world. About 104 billion barrels of oil are produced in Kuwait. About 85% of the exports the country makes are on petroleum product. About 80% of the country’s income is generated from the export of petroleum and petroleum products. It is no exaggeration to attribute a big part of the country’s prosperity on its oil trade. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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