10One Of the Most Beautiful Squares In Rome

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Do you love Piazza Navona in Rome? Here are 10 amazing facts about this beautiful place you have never heard before that will possibly make you fall in love with it even before visiting! This location displays the skills and expertise of Giacomo della Porta, Bernini, and Boromini. These masters of their craft managed to create a wonder within the Rome that has survived the passage of time and to this day remains one of the most famous attractions in the world. The Piazza Navona is symbolized by 3 fountains, namely the Fountain of the 4 rivers, the Fountain of Neptune, and the Fountain of the moor. One church is found at the middle, the Agone Church designed by Boromini. If you’re visiting Rome you should see all of them and appreciate how detailed they are. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!