10Killin in Loch Tay

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Scotland is a land of fairy tales. Its villages are proof with how magical they are. Here are the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Scotland! Killin is a popular village located at the western end of Loch Tay. It also has a beautiful Falls that makes the village worth visiting. It is also perfect for travelers as it has lots of bed and breakfast accommodations and pubs. Moreover, it has been a popular destination for holidays as it has different cottages available for rent. It is a very short stop to see the Falls of Dochart: a section of the Dochart river where the channel passes through some rocks and the result is a very beautiful picture. Do not hesitate to go down to the rocks and venture on them! From Killin to Forth William you will traverse the incredible Glencoe Valley. It is a spectacular glacial valley, considered one of the most spectacular and beautiful places in Scotland. We advise you to drive enjoying the scenery and to stop when you see parking signs because they will be good places to stop to observe the valley. For Game of Thrones fans, the famous Red Wedding is inspired by one of the meanest episodes in Scottish history: the Glencoe massacre. This is the name given to the persecution and murder of the MacDonald Clan in 1692. In total, 38 members of the clan died at the hands of those who had been invited to their territory as a gesture of goodwill. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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