10Scala dei Turchi in Agrigento, Sicily

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Rome, Florence and Venice are not only several of the best known cities in Italy: they are in the whole world. And they are on their own merits but the boot of Europe has many other corners that are worthwhile and that seem to be hidden. We reveal some of the best. Italy is a country full of places to discover. Despite the fact that all the cities that have made a name for themselves – from Florence to Rome to Venice – have it more than deserved, the truth is that their fame makes other corners go unnoticed unfairly. Small towns with a special charm, pure nature that offers a spectacular environment or large buildings that have nothing to do with the idea that we have of the boot of Europe are spread throughout the country. Next, we leave you a list with those places that you should write down in a list next to the well-known capitals that you want to visit. Here are 10 gorgeous places in Italy that not many people know. The staircase of the Turks is a rocky formation of marl that forms a large cliff and a few steps on the Sicilian coast between the towns of Porto Empedocle and Realmonte quite close to Agrigento. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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