4Tuica or plum brandy

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The Romanians’ best alcoholic beverages are beer and homemade wine. However, their importance differs depending on the season: whereas beer is the most sort after drink during summer, wine is predominantly consumed in the cold season. Most Romanians, even the younger ones know a thing or two about how to make the traditional drinks. Tuica can be either served as an apéritif, to go down with the main meat dish or as a digestif after a rich meal. Tuica can also be taken for medicinal purposes as natives recommend it for the alleviation of muscular pain, stomach ache, headache and pretty and other types of pain. So make sure to give it a try as it is a veritable panacea. Nonetheless, keep in mind that Tuica is actually a plum brandy, and the percentage of alcohol in it can differ between 23 and 80%. The stronger type of Tuica is known as Palinca and usually comes from the northern part of the country or from Transylvania. Tuica can be found in any traditional serving restaurant. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!