4Riga Black Balsam

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Latvia may not be very popular like Italy or Croatia, but they do have some cool drinks that will make your day. The country in the Baltic Sea is sprawling with old medieval towns, museums, castles, and natural reserves. They also have good food and drinks made from high-quality ingredients and have been serving it for centuries. When you find yourself in Latvia, here are the drinks to try out. In Latvia, it is called Rīgas Melnais balzams. Traditionally made from natural ingredients honey, caramel, and juices, the pitch-black drink is highly revered all over Latvia for its flavor and taste. To improve the flavor, roots, and herbs such as Valerian, Wormwood, Black Pepper, and Ginger, is usually added. Latvians like to take it alone, the way it is. However, if you’re someone that cherishes variety, you might want to try it out in a cocktail. Some people mix the drink with schnapps, akvavit, or vodka. Also, it is common to find it in combination with tea, coffee, or black currant juice, or mixed with soda water. Riga Black Balsam is also used as a traditional medicine in Latvia, and it has won more than 100 international awards. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!