Touring the beautiful city of Nuremberg is a beautiful experience. Having cocktails or a chilled bottle of drink in one of Nuremberg rooftop bars is the smartest way to relax on a sunny day of sightseeing. This is why we have come with the best rooftop bars the German city of Nuremberg has to offer.


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Located on the 4th floor of Admiral Theatre, Skybar is a famous rooftop bar in Nuremberg. It is has a reputation for being the best bar in town with the prettiest view. It is an ideal place to have classic cocktails of over a hundred varieties. There is a good range of wine that you can choose from as well as nice salads, yummy burgers, and tastefully prepared pasta. If you are around the area during the daytime, you could settle for some nice coffee and cakes. There’s no need to worry as you will find the prices of food and drinks to be pocket-friendly. You will also find the bar simply amazing and luxurious from the outside and as well from the inside when you come up through the stairs. The terrace at the bar gives you an impressive view of the city’s most prestigious castles. Skybar is the best place for a good night out with friends.

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