What is Egypt Famous/Known For?

10Sunny country

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Egypt is the cradle of ancient civilization, and it is very famous for being the home of some lovely monuments like the Pyramids of Khafre in Giza,the Sphinx and the River Nile. But it’s not only famous for the incredible graves of ancient emperors. Egypt is in fact one of the most visited countries in Africa and there are so many reasons why. These are ten things that this nation that lies in African and the Middle East is famous for. Egypt gets a total of 3863 hours of sun every year. Aswan in Egypt is the third sunniest region on Earth. The warmest month in this region is July. If you have issues with heat you might want to visit on a different month. No matter when you go, you’ll almost certainly encounter sunshine. Afterall, how many photos have you seen of rained upon or snowy pyramids? Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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