10Z-Plage, Cannes, France

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Here are the 10 most mindblowing and breathtaking beach bars in the world. If you like having a drink while enjoying the sea breeze, these are for you! To start the list is this interesting bar in Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France. It is an intricately designed pier that is stretched along the coast of Croisette. It has hundreds of gorgeous white umbrellas to cover the cabana lounges and teak side tables. An outdoor restaurant serves gourmet meals for lunch and dinner. The ZPlage beach restaurant in La Croisette, located off the private beach of Grand Hyatt Cannes, is a restaurant belonging to the Martini Palace and attracts many foreign guests making it one of the most explosive beach-restaurants. Guests can enjoy the sunshine of the French Riviera and sea-view beauty on the beach or on the scaffolding where there are a large number of chairs and wooden tables covered by beautifully arranged white umbrellas where one can enjoy the oriental and western cuisine blending in with the beauty. of the sunset. There, during summer you can either take part in water sports or take a boat ride enjoying the beauty of the Canes coast. The ZPlage beach-restaurant located in a strategic position has a large stretch of beach in front of Canes de la Croisette Boulevard where it is not difficult to reach, We can reach there by car, bus, train and boat . Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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