10Hallerbos ‘The Blue Forest’

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Belgium is a picturesque country located in Europe.  It is known for its buildings which date back to the 16th century, gothic quarters and its beautiful forests. There are so many beautiful and magical forests in Belgium, and today we have gathered the most beautiful of them to present to you. Are you ready to allow the magic of the Belgian nature overtake you? First we have Hallerbos forest which is located in Halle province of Belgium, hence its name. The small town of Halle, south of Brussels, is not well known to tourists. For us, it is a key point to visit in Belgium. The Hallerbos forest covers an area of 552 hectares. It is certainly a destination that we highly recommend if you are going to spend a few days in Belgium. It is a place traveled by local people and some amateur photographers without any bustle. It is an extensive forest with very leafy areas where its fauna is free. One of its greatest peculiarities, and what makes it more special, is the mantle of bells that covers it. But to see this show of bells you have to wait just one month of the year. Once that time has passed, the forest will become more wild and green until the bells reappear. The major attraction of the forest is the landscape that is covered by a carpet of blue colored flowers known as bluebells. Bluebell flowers are predominantly found during Spring. Visitors troop into this forest annually to witness the beauty of nature. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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