If you thought sending parcels across continents whilst abroad or away travelling would be a simple matter of dropping it off at the local post office, you should know it’s not as straightforward as you might have believed.

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Of course, once your parcel is on its way, then you’ve done the hard work beforehand but there are some important factors that you really should know about to ensure you have the best chance of it arriving at the right destination, and on time.

What are you shipping?

Across different countries, the shipping rules and regulations vary. You need to check in advance the list of restricted products for both the country you’re sending from and the destination to make sure you don’t get caught on the wrong side of the law. When the item gets to customs, it could be held or you may even face penalties for not having done your research.

Choose the right company

Sending a parcel internationally whilst away is an important thing and you can get peace of mind from choosing a reliable service provider. It’s essential that you don’t fall into the trap of paying for a service that delivers only half of what is promised and to this end, knowing who the experts are at dealing with international shipping is necessary. Trusted company Tuffnells has been delivering parcels to the right places for over one hundred years to become a leader in its field.

Custom fees

Upon receiving a package, a country’s customs department may tax items they deem valuable. This means you should check the fees you are required to pay before sending out otherwise it could be held at customs for a while, before the recipient can pick it up, possibly along with an unwelcome bill.

Insuring your items

If you’re making the effort to send something whilst abroad or travelling, you ought to make sure you insure the package. This protects you in the event of shipment damage, delay or loss. Even though it can depend on the value or your item and push the overall price of sending your item up, it’s well worth the expense.

Packaging your parcel

Get up to speed with the packaging specifications for the country you are sending from and to, and ensure that your package is clearly labelled – adding a return address also – to avoid any confusion or chances of it getting lost. Think carefully about how to protect your packaged item to help it arrive safely.




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