What is Sicily Famous/Known For?

10Theatre of Taormina

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Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea. It is located very close to Italy. It is also very close to Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in Europe. Sicily draws millions of tourists to enjoy the wonders of the central Mediterranean zone and its perfect climate. Additionally, Sicily is known for its Doric Styled temples among others. Today we have collected and present to you the ten most famous things about Sicily. Without further delay, let’s begin with the theatre of Taormina which is one of the most beautiful and famous areas in Sicily. The architecture, landscape, and scenery make the theatre very picturesque. While in Sicily, you will certainly want to visit this landmark and take a lot of photos while there. The views from its top are truly breathtaking. Click the next ARROW¬†to see the next photo!

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