1. Poggioreale Flea Market

Naples is the third biggest city in Italy, with a significant history. The Old Town of the city is a UNESCO protected historic centre. Naples is an interesting travel destination with many beautiful architectural buildings, sightseeings, and an amazing culture to discover. It is not only famous for the Pizza Napoletana, but some of the best flea markets in Naples. If you wanna explore this amazing city, what you can do is visiting its historic centre and the flea markets. Poggioreale Flea Market is the most known in Naples and it is situated between Nuova Poggioreale and Marino di Caramanico. If you wish to do some serious shopping, you will find brands clothes and mountain shoes. The best deals are early in the morning. 

When | Monday to Friday 06:00 – 14:00

2. Posilippo Flea Market 

Posilippo Flea Market is located in a pretty location near to the famous Park Virgialiano where Italians used to spend a lot of their day there. Here, you could be able to find fashion clothes, vintage accessories and other original items. It has many brand clothes in discount and low prices. It is ideal for those looking for furniture and there is also a flower market with the most amazing flowers.  

When | Every Thursday 07:00 – 14:00 

3. Fuorigrotta Flea Market 

Fuorigrotta Flea Market is situated in the homonymous area and it is easily accessible by the public means. It is one of the largest markets in Naples with a huge variety of clothes, footwear, and furnishings. It is divided into two parts, the open-air market which has a lot of stalls with furniture and clothes. The inner side of the market sells generally foodstuff.  Fuorigrotta flea market is usually very crowded especially on weekdays, so it will be more convenient to visit early in the morning. 

When | Monday to Sunday 08:00 – 13:00

4. Forcella Flea Market 

Forcella flea market is one of the most known markets as a historical destination for shopping at a low price. It is found a few steps away from Piazza Garibaldi and Corso Umberto. What to be careful about this market, is the fact that many stalls sell fake products. However, the prices are friendly for everyone, and there are many clothes such as suits, shoes, and accessories. It is definitely the place for those who search for bargains. 

When | Monday to Sunday 08:00 – 12:00 

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