3Afinata, Zmeurata, Visinata or Blueberry liquor

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The Afinata, Zmeurata, Visinata (blueberry liquor, raspberry liquor, sour cherries liquor) these are forest fruit liquors which are a sort of delicacy that is usually homemade and only in small quantities. Unlike Tuica, which is a very common and popular drink. Now here is the process of making this type of drink. When the fruits are ready to harvest, they will be handpicked, washed thoroughly and then placed inside a glass bottle with a small quantity of sugar spread over it. After weeks of waiting for the berries to ferment and get their juices out, some alcohol or Tuica is poured over the fruits. Depending on the taste required by the manufacturer, the drinks can be very sweet or less sweet, but they are often deliciously sweet and savory. You can try them at local food restaurants, food and drink fairs, and Christmas markets. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!