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Sima, an alcoholic beverage is a sparkling mead-like beverage. This drink was originally produced like any other mead. But today, it is fermented with assorted types of sugars and mixed with lemon, raisins, and dry yeast during the different phases of the fermentation process. Normally during the first fermentation, the flesh and the rind of lemons are used to flavor this Finnish drink. At the second stage of the fermentation process, the raisins are added to dilute the sugar content of this alcoholic beverage, making it moderate. However, a low-cost variety of sima is produced with apple wine, grape juice, and carbonated water. Though it’s still a tasty concoction, it is no substitute for the flavors of traditional Sima. This type is best for commercial consumption. Click the next¬†ARROW¬†to see the next photo!