2Terrace Riga

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For many indigenes of Riga, Terrace Riga offers a new kind of experience and possibilities. It’s more than just a terrace but a natural phenomenon that has become part of their lifestyle and history. This rooftop bar located on the 8th floor of the Galleria Riga Mall can never be missed. It’s a place of fun, entertainment, and relaxation where you’ll get to see the best of sunlight and sunset, while having your drink with your friends. Terrace Riga will make you feel calm, and there are plenty of sections and angles for you to pose and take pictures for your Instagram. Terrace Riga is the ultimate destination for people who love to watch rooftops. Apart from their vegetarian-friendly diets, you’ll also have access to Japanese cuisine, sushi, and plenty of European food. There are also different types of pizza you can easily order, and the bar offers drinks you can’t even count. Every moment spent on this rooftop bar is worth it as it introduces you to the experience and spirit of the city of Riga. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!