Places You Are Not Allowed to Visit

Here are some places in the world that you wouldn't be able to visit them even if you wanted to. A lot of mystery and intrigue surround these places!

Top 5 Vacation Destinations and Hotels in Israel

Israel is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.  The country is rich in spirituality, history, culture, and despite of its small size (only 20,770 km²) it has a broad geographical diversity.  In short,...
Victor Noir’s Grave, Paris , France

The Luckiest Places In The World

Whether it's a lucky piece of jewellery, wearing odd socks, saluting magpies or even praying for good luck, there are so many 'techniques' to give us the best chance of winning.

10 Amazing Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt has been one of the most popular destinations to visit until recent years. Fears of safety has made tourists choose different destinations and some airlines have even cancelled their flights in the near...

The 10 Best Cathedrals in the United Kingdom

England and the United Kingdom in general are known for having some of the most incredible and spectacular cathedrals in the world. Here are the best!

10 Islands with Completely Unique Languages

Here are the islands with the most unique languages in the world. You'll be amazed to find you know some of them!

10 Mind Blowing Interchanges from around the World

Here are 10 incredible interchanges from all over the world that will blow your mind. Complicated and magnificent!

10 Breathtaking Hot Springs You Should Bathe In

Here are the 10 best hot springs in the world you can bathe in and should! They're insanely beautiful and tempting!

10 Most Magnificent Pyramids in the World

Since ancient times pyramids have been some of the more impressive and unbelievable structures to have ever been built. Here are the most magnificent!

10 Island Countries You Should Visit

Island countries big and small are extremely gorgeous thanks to their location and the magnificent beaches they have. Turquoise waters beckon you!

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