The Most Beautiful Squares in Taranto

Taranto is a port city and naval base in Italy. An interesting aspect of the history of the city is that during ancient times, it was one of the most populated places in the world with 300,000 people living there. There are many attractions in Taranto including squares, ancient structures, and castles. Here are 7 beautiful castles you should not miss when you visit here.

The Most Beautiful Squares in Trieste

The city of Trieste, Italy is one of the most delightful destinations for tourists. Apart from being a seaport area with booming activities, the city also offers visitors amazing sightseeing opportunities with magnificent buildings and public squares. These nine squares are the best and most beautiful so, never miss them.

The Most Beautiful Squares in Padua

Padua is a simple Italian city that has many important landmarks like churches and squares contributing to its beauty. It’s also a tourist’s delight because of the calm atmosphere, clean streets, and well-managed environment that promotes fun and relaxation. These seven beautiful squares are the reasons why you should consider seeing this city when you visit Italy.

The Most Beautiful Squares in Messina

The port city of Messina in the region of Sicily has played a major role in the history of Italy. Apart from the beautiful architecture dating back the 15th century, there are also other features including statutes and squares. Here are the 6 most beautiful squares you can find in Messina.

10 Most Beautiful Squares in Verona

Italians have a way of building exceptional cities with picturesque details and breathtaking architecture. Verona, a city in the Veneto region of Italy, is not an exception. Part of what makes it the perfect place to be is the squares, which can be found in strategic locations across the city. Here are 10 of the most beautiful ones of which we have helped you select.

10 Most Beautiful Squares In Venice

The city of Venice has been around for a long time. It is built on 100 small islands and served as a very important port for trade and commerce. Venice boast of beautiful squares, many of which had existed for a very long time. Here are the 10 most beautiful squares in the city.

10 Most Beautiful Squares In Palermo

Squares in the city of Palermo are revered by locals and tourists because of the history and culture they hold. We’ll be discussing some of the most beautiful Piazzas Palermo has to offer and why many people find them absolutely interesting to make them part of their holiday sightseeing. 

10 Most Beautiful Squares in Turin

Italians have a taste for good architecture and cuisine, and these two values can be found in the city of Turin. Part of the architecture includes the beautiful Turin squares scattered in strategic places across the city. We’ve selected the best of them for your perusal.

The Most Beautiful Squares in Genoa

Known for its role in maritime trade of Italy for centurie, Genoa is also a beautiful city to behold, with so much interesting architecture, public places, and squares. Some of these squares have been there for centuries, which makes them rich in culture and tradition. Here are the 10 most beautiful Genoa squares we have discovered for you. 

10 Most Beautiful Squares in Florence

When you visit Florence, you can't help but wonder about all the amazing buildings and structures found everywhere in the city. What makes the city so amazing is the masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture made by some of the top artists of all times. This art can also be found in the public squares where they are on display for all to see and appreciate.

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