The Most Popular Drinks in Croatia

You can’t really enjoy your stay in Croatia without having a taste of some of their local drinks. While bars offer tens and hundreds of options, there are a couple of drinks you should never miss. You won’t just enjoy it, but it will make you feel the way the Croatians feel.

The Most Popular Drinks in Latvia

Latvia may not be very popular like Italy or Croatia, but they do have some cool drinks that will make your day. The country in the Baltic Sea is sprawling with old medieval towns, museums, castles, and natural reserves. They also have good food and drinks made from high-quality ingredients and have been serving it for centuries. When you find yourself in Latvia, here are the drinks to try out.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Cologne

Spending some time in Cologne, Germany? Why not try out these rooftop bars offering panoramic views along with plenty of food and drinks to go with it. They are easy to locate, very comfortable, and some of them also provide live music, making them a lot of fun to visit. Here are the best rooftop bars we’ve found for you in Cologne.

The Most Popular Drinks in Lithuania

Lithuanian is one of the Baltic states of Europe with plenty of castles, old towns, and medieval wonders. They also like to drink a lot, with beer being their favorite type of drink. You can also find local drinks like Kvass, Midus, and so on. Here are the most popular drinks in Lithuania you must have a taste before you leave.
Ebisu at Square Nine

The Best Rooftop Bars in Belgrade

The Serbian capital of Belgrade is an incredible tourist’s destination with so many fun activities to engage. One of the most fun things people engage here is visiting rooftops for quality meals and cocktails while enjoying a panoramic view off a city of wonders. Here are the top-rated rooftop bars this city has to offer visitors.
Pint of Guinness

The Most Popular Drinks in Ireland

Since Irish man Arthur Guinness invented the stout in 1759, the company has gone on to sell at least 850 million liters. This makes Ireland one of the most important countries making and selling drinks to the world, for a huge profit. When you visit Ireland, try to experience their originality in the preparation and production of enjoyable drinks.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Samara

Russia is a very lively and fun country, especially when you’ve explored the major cities. However, it’s normal to feel tired of city crowd and chaos, so you need a quiet place to stay like Samara. The city of Samara has a less chaotic lifestyle, especially their rooftop bars, where you can enjoy drinks and food to your satisfaction. Here are the best rooftop bars for you to have a good time in this city with many waterfronts.

The Most Popular Drinks in Serbia

Serbia is a lovely country in the Balkan Peninsula, with a rich history and culture dating back centuries. Part of their unique culture is their drinks, some of which originated from there. If you’re going to Serbia for the holidays, here are the drinks you must try.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Brussels

Brussels is a beautiful city fool of beauty, pleasure, and excitement. Part of what makes it so is the rooftop bars scattered all around the city, offering amazing food, drinks, and other fun activities. If you’re visiting the Belgian capital, here are the top best rooftop bars you should check out.

The Most Popular Drinks in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is beautiful to the eyes. With their medieval old towns and 13th-century castles, it’s easy to get lost in this world of fantasy, luxury, and class. One thing most people who come to this country should never miss is their local and most popular drinks. There are many of them, but we’ve selected the most popular ones you must try.

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