10 Things Nicaragua Is Famous for

The natural scenery of Nicaragua is just too spectacular. It's home to dozens of volcanoes, freshwater lakes, rivers, beaches, cloud forests, and islands. Nicknamed "The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes," Nicaragua has other interesting and unique features that are world famous.

10 Things Honduras Is Famous for

Honduras also known as the Republic of Honduras is a beautiful country known for its very rich resources bestowed upon it by nature. These resources include; sugar cane, coffee, tropical fruits and different minerals.

10 Things Cuba Is Famous for

Cuba is not only unique, but it is also filled with surprises and gives the most elegant things which if you must know are not restricted to cigars alone. These are ten things Cuba is very famous for.

10 Things Ecuador Is Famous for

Ecuador is an Amazonian country that sits proudly on the equator. It lies close along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, and it is one of the most beautiful South American countries you will get to visit. These are some of the things Ecuador is famous for.

10 Things Costa Rica Is Famous for

Costa Rica is known for its enchanting landscape and ever-growing biodiversity. Also, the way of lifestyle of its citizens is something to emulate. These are some famous things Costa Rica is famous for.

10 Things Jamaica Is Famous for

Snow free country in ice hockey tournament Source: Link Jamaica stands out as the most captivating countries in the world that is very famous for some other things other than their slangs and their gestures. Do...

10 Things Bahamas Is Famous for

The Bahamas also called Commonwealth of The Bahamas is an archipelago that lies along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. There are almost 700 islands on the archipelago.

6 Haunted Places to Visit in Bolivia

Bolivia is a country with many beautiful attractions and of course spine-chilling stories. For some people, these stories are not rumors. They are horrific tales that will creep you out totally.

10 Things Brazil Is Famous for

Brazil is known as a country which so many Carnivals and award-winning soccer players. This country is always bubbly, and these are the things it is well known for.

6 Haunted Places to Visit in Brazil

Brazil stands out as one of the beautiful countries in the world with so many haunted places plagued with paranormal activities and ghost tales. These are the most haunted areas in Brazil.